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Time to renew your wooden floors in Edmonton


A famous missionary to China was born here in 1902...


The natural wooden floor needs no missionaries to champion its virtues!   No other floor surface combines natural beauty with hard wear and ease of maintenance.


When marks, scratches and more serious damage have spoiled the youthful looks of your floors, it’s time to call on the modern solution.


Floor sanding and resealing from the specialists:


The Edmonton Floor Restore Experts!


See what you get from a company who have restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years:


Of every type


          from solid and engineered boards


                    to parquet and herringbone blocks.


No matter how old and from every restorable condition.


And in all kinds of settings:


          from the home, office and shop


                    to restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, schools and sports halls.


Enjoy the complete restoration service:


         Aligning and securing loose boards or blocks.


         Replacing damaged timber with new or reclaimed material.


         Gaps filled - for an even look.


         Removing old layers of paint or sealant.


         Staining the bare wood to change the colour.  


                   Choose a lighter or darker shade to match your decor.


White or pale wash will create a bright modern look - ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and play areas.


And resealing for essential protection with:


           natural oil for beauty


           hardwax oil for harder wear


           lacquer for the busiest areas.


And every job comes with


                     99% dust free sanding!


The unique collection system of our machines gathers dust from outside each room.


Easing the strain



Allow us to undertake those heavy jobs - such as clearing furniture


                    and disposing of carpets and floor coverings.


         We can also work flexibly around your commercial or domestic schedule


                 -    at weekends or evenings   -


                for minimal disruption and loss of business.




All to the highest quality:



Your new floor deserves only the finest treatment.  We use premium floor products - they last longer and prove the best value - all applied to the highest degree of workmanship.


        So make sure your floor is in good hands.



   Ask us for your FREE assessment today.


The Edmonton Floor Sealing Specialists




            Gladys Aylward had a call to go to China and funded her own trip in

1930 by the Trans-Siberian to Russia - and then by bus and train to a

province south of Peking.



           Her fellow missionary died and she was left alone to cope in an area

where she was the only European...



           By 1936, she was a Chinese citizen.   When the Japanese

invaded, she helped 100 orphans to safety over the mountains.



           Her story became well known from the book ‘The Small Woman’

and the 1958 movie: ‘The Inn of the Sixth Happiness’.  



           A good film, though its liberties upset the original heroine, with

the tall Ingrid Bergman bearing no resemblance to the dark-haired and

distinctly non starry Miss Aylward.



           Ill health cause her to return to England in 1947 where she lived

until her death in 1970.


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With over 26 years of refresh knowledge, we're dedicated to making sure that your wooden floors always get the best  restoration service there is.

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